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Rent/Buy Programs

We have lease, lease purchase, lease option, rent-to-own and owner financing programs available for almost any potential tenant or buyer, and any of our lease, lease purchase, lease option, rent-to-own and owner financing programs may be applied to any of our available properties.  All properties are equal housing opportunities.

Details of our programs:

1.  Lease:  Any  property may be acquired with a lease.  Generally, leases are for a 12-month period, and require payment of the first month's rent and a deposit before move-in.

2.  Rent-to-Own, Lease Purchase and Lease Option Programs:  Our most popular programs, the rent-to-own, lease purchase and lease option programs are as simple as 1,2,3 and are the easiest way to buy a home. Basically, you enter into a lease, generally for one year, and receive an option to buy at that time. In the rent-to-own, lease purchase and lease option programs you have the choice to buy, or not, anytime during the lease option period. 

Normally, you pay a negotiable fee (usually about 2%-3% of the purchase price) in the beginning, which pays for the option to buy.  Later, this fee is applied directly to the purchase, as part or all of your down payment, when you buy the house. 

Usually, you lease for a year and then decide whether or not you will buy.  When you buy you can get your own financing, if you wish, or convert the purchase to our Owner Financing Program, where we provide the financing for you.  (You won't have to go to the bank).  Or, if you want more time before buying, or merely wish to stay on the lease option program without purchasing, you may do so.  But, you may buy any time you want to during the lease option period.

In the rent-to-own, lease purchase and lease option programs we give you generous rent credits, where a large part of your rent goes into a credit fund, to be applied, later, toward the purchase.  This allows you to continually build up your down payment while you are renting, so that your monthly payments will be lower when you purchase.

The best feature of our rent-to-own, lease purchase and lease option programs is that we can tailor the program to fit your financial needs.  That means the option fee, monthly payment and rent credits can be adjusted to fit your budget.

3.  OWNER FINANCING PROGRAM:  Under this plan you buy the home directly from the owner, who provides all the financing to you.  You will not have to go to a bank or mortgage company.  The qualifications for this program are much easier than those of the banks.  You can get your new home financed easily if you can show sufficient income to make the payments and demonstrate an acceptable history of making payments for your prior residences (a good rental history).

Generally, with owner financing, the owners will ask for from 3% to 10% of the purchase price for a down payment.  Like any other payment plan, your monthly payments will depend upon the amount of the down payment, as well as the price of the home and financial market conditions at the time of your purchase.  

Qualification can be completed and the financing placed in a few business days, so that you can be in your new home very quickly.

4.  Direct Purchase:  This program is similar to the conventional way of buying a house.  You get your own financing from whatever source you want, and pay off the full price of the home at closing.  

We can help you find a good mortgage if you wish.  Generally, this process takes anywhere from six weeks to three months, depending upon the lender and how prepared you are with the required documentation.  Under this program, it is best if you have been pre-qualified with a lender for an amount at least as much as the purchase price, as that will speed up the process and you can move into your new home much sooner.


Ask about our  special incentives, such as free rent, free move-in allowances, free utility allowances, and free furniture allowances, currently offered for a limited time only.

And, we are offering                                                                         

* Upon credit approval


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