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About Us

ACTION HOMEBUYERS is  located in the North Metro Atlanta, Georgia, area.  We RENT, RENT TO OWN, LEASE, LEASE PURCHASE AND SELL homes throughout the North Metro Atlanta area. We have an inventory of nice homes, which are available to good tenants and prospective buyers.  We specialize in making nice houses available to good people who may need help buying because of credit challenges,  lack of down payment or other reasons. We rent these out to good tenants who may eventually buy them, through our rent, rent to own, lease, lease purchase, or lease option programs, sometimes taking advantage of the easy owner financing we offer to help them buy their homes.  Buyers with credit challenges can buy from us with no banks involved.  We can get you financed, and we offer generous RENT CREDITS that help you build equity as you enjoy living in your new home.

We are always friendly, courteous and professional in our dealings. Our approach is to find that win-win solution that will get you into your new home quickly, affordably and with the least amount of hassle.

If you are looking for a nice home to rent, rent to own, lease, lease purchase, or buy, anywhere in the Northeast Atlanta, Georgia area 
call us at

We also buy nice houses. If you have a house to sell, anywhere in the Northeast Atlanta area,

  call us at 678-546-9576.

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